If you have any questions about using Stragif, we hope you'll find an answer here. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always contact me on Twitter @mathieuginod

Why is it called Stragif? After an intense brainstorming session of about 2 minutes and 27 seconds, it finally hit us: we had to find a way to combine the words Strava and GIF. We initially went for Gifva but we had to face the hard truth that it was utterly complicated to pronounce.

How do you pronounce it? We do not want to create unnecessary polemics and we are certainly not here to divide our community. But come on, we all know there is only one correct way to pronounce it: it's Stragif with a ****** g.

Are there actual product related questions in this FAQ? Sure! We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Who can see my stragif feed? Only the person with whom you shared your Stragif code will be able to see your activities and comment on them.

What kind of Strava activities does Stragif support? For now Stragif only supports running activities. We are working hard to add all the other Strava activities.

Do you synchronize private activities? We are only syncing the activities you set visible to everyone.

How do I invite my friends on stragif? Go to your settings and you should see what is called your "Stragif code". Share this code with your friends and they’ll instantly be able to congratulate you with a GIF on your last run.

Can I share an activity? Yes you can share a link to an activity with anyone. Only registered Stragif users will be able to comment with a GIF.

What data do you need from Strava? We need to be able to retrieve your activities to import them into Stragif. When you connect with Strava, we're asking for the 'read_all' permission on your profile. This is only to sync your measurements preference.
We don’t need to write anything on your Strava profile.

Why can’t I see my Strava followers/following? The current version of the Strava API does not let us access your followers/followings data. That’s why we had to put in place a mechanism to invite your friends to Stragif.

Can I upload my own GIFs? For now you can't. If this is something you'd love to do, please let us know!

I don’t want to use Stragif anymore. What should I do? We will miss you 😢 Go to your settings and click on the big red button at the bottom of the page. We will delete anything related to your account. Don't worry! We don’t (and we can’t) delete anything on Strava: all your activities will remain on Strava.

Will Stragif make me run faster? We can’t tell for sure. But a recent study we totally made up shows that the idea of posting a GIF with your activity could boost your performance by around 37%.