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Your last run was awesome. You are a true legend. Your activity deserves more than kudos...Your activity deserves...GIFs!!!

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You believe your last 5K in 18 minutes is worth more than just 3 kudos?

You were expecting more than just a "Good job 👍" after your 269km trail?

You really want to show your 39 year-old friend how impressed you are with his latest performances (despite his seven-year-long period of inactivity)?

Say no more!
Stragif is made for YOU 👈

It is really easy to use. See for yourself.

1 Log in to Stragif with your Strava ID

2 Your public activities will magically appear

3 You can now attached a GIF to each of your activities. You're allowed to attach ONE and only ONE GIF per activity so always remember this quote:

But choose wisely, for while the true GIF will bring you fame, the false GIF will take it from you.
The Grail Knight

4 Share your awesome activity with the world!

5 Your friends can also comment on your activity with a GIF.

– «Wow this seems really cool 🤩! Can I see it somewhere in action?»
– «Sure! Here is an example right there

They're using Stragif (ok not really...but they could!)

  • I could have broken the 2-hour barrier long ago if I had used Stragif earlier

    Eliud is using Stragif
    Eliud K.
  • Even during the 9"58 of my record I was only thinking of the perfect GIF I could attach to my run on Stragif

    Lightning is using Stragif
    Lightning B.
  • I really like Stragif even if my friends use it to make fun of my relatively poor performances

    Yann is using Stragif
    Yann L.

👋 Hey I'm Mathieu!

I'm a web developer. And I have been a Strava user for a few months now and I immediatly noticed something was missing to interact with my friends: GIF.

Why do I needed them?

2 words: humble brag and humiliation.

Pride and support of course. Going for a run (or any other activities for that matter) is already a huge win and you have every reason to be proud about it. Show it to the world with the perfect GIF.
Supporting and encouraging your friends is also very important. A well chosen GIF after their activities will mean the world to them.

So, Stragif was born.

If you want to keep in touch with me I'm on Twitter @mathieuginod